Parent's Testimonials

Thanks for this AWESOME program. One of my favorite surprise bonuses is the great conversations we are having with our kids and with each other as parents!

Patty Jo Hawthorne
Mother of Two

"I'm happy to report that it only took a few weeks of participating in the Active Allowance program for us to start seeing significant changes in our children's behavior. Over the past several months, the program has created a sense of discipline and normalcy, where undertaking responsibilities around the house has become the norm rather than the source of negotiation or outright argument. One of the things I like about the program is the ease with which it can be altered periodically -- as we address new challenges by adding responsibilities. We have found that as long as new responsibilites are added gradually, they are viewed as new opportunities rather than chores.

I think this is a wonderful program. Both my wife and I, as well as our children have benefitted from it. And I am convinced that the sense of responsibility that my children are developing now will benefit them the rest of their lives."

Mark Laufman
Father of Three
Partner - Vinson & Elkins, LLP

"I LOVE this website. It's empowered my children (especially the older one), organized me, and helped me set consistent but flexible guidelines. I can see growing into this with clothing, sports equipment etc."

Irene & family

"Just wanted to let you know that I love Active Allowance. It has really helped me with my kids & teaching them the whole work & get paid thing, as well as saving & giving.

Thanks so much for this great service you offer!"

Janeen Jackson & the whole Jackson family :)

"We have now been an "Active Allowance" family for five weeks and so far, the results have been amazing! We generated pretty extensive lists of responsibilities for each of our three kids - lots of overlap, but some individualization as well to address specific behaviors we either wanted to encourage or discourage - and the kids embraced the challenges right away and their enthusiasm has yet to show any signs of abating.

The kids are showered and dressed on time, doing extra reading and piano practice, getting more exercise, keeping their rooms neat, and asking how they can help Mom or Dad with daily frequency. Admittedly, at this point they seem more driven by trying to score more points than by a higher sense of right and wrong or a greater sense of taking responsibility for either their or our family's well-being, but I'll settle for behavioral change first, and attitudinal change over time!

I also think it is interesting that none of the kids has as yet asked what their monetary balances are in any of their budget categories - they just want to score points!

Suffice it to say that for us, Active Allowance is working wonderfully, and I am confident that as we tweak it going forward, its usefulness and application to our family will only get better."

Jeremy Freedman
Father of Three
COO - Gluskin Sheff

"It is fabulous! I love the concept and the idea of responsibility built into the different functions.....I think this is a winner."

Dr. Vivien Brown
Mother of Two

"I am very happy with this system; my kids are responding well, even the belligerent 14 year old :-)

I treat each of my three kids very differently, as they have very different approaches. My middle child does everything even without check marks (almost - she's no angel!); still I put those items on the list, because it is good for her to get the recognition, and also because her younger sister felt abused because she had more "stuff" to do on her list.

The fourteen year old doesn't like the idea of reminders, but as he tries to not do things, he is realizing that this equates to money, which of course, he wants. More often than not, now he completes his tasks, but he forgets to write them down. Now he has to work on that. So, thanks for a program that helps instill autonomy."

Anne B. Shelton, MD
Mother of three

"My wife and I find Active Allowance to be a great tool for our family. Among other things, It has really helped us make clear our expectations for the kids and open a discussion with them about how they contribute to the family effort. And from our kids' point of view, once they got over the idea they actually have responsibilities, they find the process truly empowering. No more begging for cash - instead, they have their own cash in the McRae Family Bank accounts which they could see and make grow over time and then spend as they see fit based on clear rules.

And one more thing - I have to admit that the process sounded difficult and time-consuming before we started - I wondered whether it was worth the time and effort (and maybe even was a little skeptical). Well I can honestly say that the effort was a lot less than I thought it would be - the setup was really simple and user-friendly and it's easy to do week-to-week. I wish we had this tool to use years ago when our eldest was turning six!"

Jeff McRae
Father of Four
Managing Partner
Rosenswig McRae Thorpe Chartered Accountants

"Our sons were already receiving allowance prior to implementation of this program. My wife and I decided to go on the Active Allowance system, not because of any serious issues with our kids, but we just thought it might be an improvement over our traditional allowance structure.

And we are extremely happy with the results. Both my 9 and 7 year olds are reading at least twice as long as before. They make their beds first thing in the morning and put their clothes away in the evening - and in between have positively modified their behavior.

They are beginning to understand the value of saving, giving to charity, and controlled spending of their own money. They understand the concept of earning their keep and are gaining more experience with Internet applications. When they learned the concept of compound interest, they came to the conclusion that it was much better financially to close their traditional bank accounts and deposit the money with us!

Overall, my kids are simply acting more responsibly under the Active Allowance system!"

Jonathan Latsky
Father of Four
CEO - Uthink/Studentawards Inc.

"For the kids, the simple act of outlining expectations and rewards has resulted in a dramatic improvement in the overall family atmosphere. Those checklists get a lot of attention and enthusiasm by the kids, and it makes things like "make your bed" and "clean the table" almost fun, or at the very least, the act of checking them off as done, fun!

As a parent, I have always believed in natural consequences as a great way for kids to discover and learn, but without Active Allowance we lacked a structure for natural consequences when it came to daily living. Before Active Allowance, my partner and I felt that we had to be the disciplinarians to ensure that the kids did their ìstuffî. Clarifying those expectations with the simple tools you provide, and really letting the kids discover what happens when they donít meet them, has enabled us to introduce a certain discipline to our daily living without having to be the disciplinarian!

You say on your website that Active Allowance takes a little more time than simply giving the kids "X" dollars a week in allowance. I would suggest to you that, in fact, it SAVES us time. Yes, we did spend an evening setting this up and also spend 3 minutes each week printing the Checklists and entering points, but I would say the time and energy it saves us chasing after the kids alone makes up for it!

Thanks to everyone at Active Allowance for creating this great parenting tool!"

Lorie Power
Mother of Two

"Active Allowance has brought many financial issues (and their connection to how we behave and perform) into sharp focus in a helpful, but not always easy, fashion. It does take consistency, which also helps keep parents on track. Thanks again!"

Dave Phillips
Father of Three
Business & Life Coach

"I like the internet approach. It allows the kids to check their information when they want and they don't have to use my computer. Active Allowance provides a fun way to teach fiscal responsibility. I also like how this tool provides incentives to our children for proper behavior - not just punishments.

In my opinion, kids of all ages can benefit from Active Allowance."

Stuart Grossman
Father of Two
COO SpectrumWay Solutions Inc.

"One of the most useful things about this system is that it helped me to get a firm handle on the money we spend for our son. This made our household budgeting easier. This was in addition to the obvious benefits of helping to teach responsibility and the value of money to our son."

Dr. Louise Perlin
Mother of One

"I have transferred some of my budget items to my daughter — for example the amount I have annually budgeted for her clothes — and broken it down as part of the total weekly allowance. Now she can see what she has for clothes on a given week and choose when and where and what to spend it on in the category. She understands that when she has run through that money she has to use her own money.

What is really amazing is how that has changed her attitude about spending money on clothes; she will go shopping but hardly ever buy anything. She is realizing that it was way easier to spend my money then it is her own money! We joke about it all the time. We have both discovered she is quite the spendthrift and really prefers to watch the money grow instead of spending it.

That is the gift your program has brought to our family and it is well worth the price."

Mother of One