City TV

Toronto's City TV featured Active Allowance on their leading supper-hour newscast, focusing on the money for chores aspect of the system.  The same news story also ran repeatedly on the CP24 all-news channel and was featured on the CityNews website.


This interview, on the Sympatico/MSN portal, takes a tech slant on Active Allowance. It's called Kid's Allowance Goes High Tech.

680 News Radio

This short interview on 680 News, Toronto's leading all news radio station, provides a succinct description of our key benefits in just 2 1/2 minutes.

alt : 680news Radio

CJBK Radio

This 13 minute radio interview, on CJBK NewsTalk Radio in London, Ontario, gives us time to describe some of the important parenting philosophy behind Active Allowance.

alt : CJBK Radio

CFRB Radio

This 16 minute excerpt is from CFRB NewsTalk Radio in Toronto. Leslie and I were featured guests on a prime time call-in show.

alt : CFRB Radio

Four Guys Walk Into a Bar...

Four Guys walk into a Bar... is an entertaining weekly podcast. Among other things, the guys talk about their "website pick of the week". Unbeknownst to us, Dave (one of the guys) was already an Active Allowance member. Here's what he had to say:

alt : Four Guys excerpt

Canada AM

Active Allowance was featured on CTV's Canada AM, Canada's #1 morning news program. The story was also profiled on the network's website.