How it works

Active Allowance is designed to be quick and easy to use, while giving you the flexibility to suit your family's needs.

Step 1 - Set up

  • Set up kids: names, ages, and log-in details
  • Set up log-ins for adults
  • Create responsibility checklists for each child (you can copy an existing list from our gallery and tailor it to your children)
  • Determine allowance for each child by creating a mini-budget (you can copy this, too, from our gallery)

Most of the work involved in set-up is considering and discussing each child's responsibilities and deciding what spending you'll shift into their hands. Users find this process really valuable in itself.

Step 2 - Weekly checklists

Each child gets their own checklist, which clearly lists their chores (we prefer to call them "responsibilities") for each day of the week.

Every day, they check off those items that have been completed.

If you choose to link chores and allowances, you'll enter the totals into Active Allowance at the end of the week. Each child's earnings are calculated automatically and "deposited" into their Family Bank accounts (including extra for any bonus items).

If you prefer not to link the two, your children's allowance will automatically be deposited into their various accounts (eg entertainment, charity, etc.) in accordance with their mini-budget.

Step 3 - Reaping the benefits

Kids can go onto Active Allowance at any time to see how much they have in each account.

If they decide to buy something, they simply print off a special "Family Bank" check, and present this to a parent. The amount is deducted automatically from their virtual account.

It's easy to go in and edit checklists or budgets at any time. We find this to be an on-going learning process that teaches us all how to think about our family responsibilities, and how to communicate them better.