Real Life Case Study

Our 9 year old had $70 in his "Recreation" bank account in the Beck Family Bank, the virtual bank we had created at Active Allowance (he can use the funds in that account for anything he desires). I took him to the toy store to buy a Dragonball Z character — he knew what he wanted and that it "only cost about $20".

At the store, he was told they didn't have the character he wanted in the size he wanted. However, they did have it in the large size, for $60.

My son asked me if he could buy it. I said "Sure. It's your money and your decision. However, it's a lot of money. You may want to look around the store to see if there's something else you might prefer."

He agreed, looked around the store, and came to a sword. "Can I get this?". I said "Yes — it's your money". He then asked how much it cost.

I looked at the price tag and said "Four dollars".

He looked at me and laughed..... I could see his wheels turning. He then said "Wait, I might want something else...." and came to a bow and arrow set. "Can I get this?". "Yes". "How much is it?". "Six dollars".

He then looked at me and said: "You mean I could get 10 of these for just one of the Dragonball Z characters? I'll take the bow and arrows".

We went home, where he immediately logged in to his personal portal at, printed out a Beck Family Bank cheque, signed it proudly, and went to play with his bow and arrows.

Before we used Active Allowance, his only cost was the begging he would have to do to get something. Now, he had a better measuring stick, a feeling of empowerment and a sense of accomplishment. It was exciting for both of us!