Benefits of Active Allowance

The Active Allowance system helps you teach your kids about:

  • making choices
  • sharing family responsibilities
  • saving and working towards goals
  • appreciating what you haveĀ… and much more besides

Making choices

Letting kids earn their own money, and work towards their own goals, gives them responsibility, which is vital for learning to make effective choices.

When they are spending their own money to get something new, your child will think carefully about the cost and value of each option.

Sharing family responsibilities

Many kids simply don't appreciate the work that goes into running a home.

Setting goals encourages kids to help out in the home in a fun way, and also helps teach them to appreciate their environment.

This process helps build a sense of pride and responsibility that will benefit children for the rest of their lives.

Saving and working towards goals

It's never too early to learn the benefit of saving. With spiralling consumer credit, teaching our kids to manage their money and save for what they really want could reap huge benefits when they're older.

Appreciating what you have

There's nothing like the experience of working towards a goal, waiting until the time you've earned the ability to go out and get what you really want. Instead of "How much do I need to whine to get this?" kids start to think, "How much do I really want that? What do I need to do to achieve it?"

Of course, every family is unique. Everyone benefits in different ways. Active Allowance gives you a neat system to help you set up and manage your kids' responsibilities and reward them in a positive, transparent and fun way.

Most importantly, using Active Allowance, you'll be teaching your kids about responsibility and your family's values - teaching that can only be done at home.

Active Allowance Addresses the Key Issues of:

  • how much your kid's allowance should be
  • incorporating chores
  • day-to-day management