Procter & Gamble Olympic Ad
Aug 1st, 2012 by Leslie

Brilliant! It sure brought a happy tear to MY eye!

Sep 14th, 2011 by Harvey

When, in early-1986, Disney executives decided to change the title of their upcoming animated feature from ‘Basil of Baker Street’ to the less ambiguous ‘The Great Mouse Detective’, its production team were less than pleased. One animator in particular, Ed Gombert, harnessed his displeasure to comical effect by creating, and circulating, the following: a fake memo purportedly from then-head of department, Peter Schneider, in which he announced the retroactive renaming of Disney’s entire back catalogue, bar The Aristocats, in a similarly bland style.
From “Letters of Note”

The Quadratic Equation, Dr. Seuss Style
Sep 14th, 2011 by Harvey

For those of you with kids who enjoy math, Katie Benedetto and her college class were challenged to write a poem to express the Quadratic equation. Naturally, she combined that with her long term desire to be the next Dr. Seuss and came up with this:
Every Why down in Whyville knows Whyville’s the best
For the town has a secret not shared with the rest
It’s a glorious place, it’s the best one around
For here, all the answers to questions are found
For the rest of her brilliant work, click here

Happy Mother’s Day!
May 8th, 2011 by Leslie & Harvey

To all our friends and members, we hope you have an outstanding day today!

Cheers to all!

Leslie and Harvey

Basketball Hero
Jul 4th, 2009 by Harvey

A great story most Mums and Dads can really appreciate. Have your kleenex ready :-) YouTube Preview Image

The Financial Crisis, as Explained to My Fourteen-Year-Old Sister
Oct 29th, 2008 by Harvey

Here’s a link you may want to send to your teen: The Financial Crisis, as Explained to My Fourteen-Year-Old Sister
You’re fourteen and have no source of income. What would convince me to lend you money if I’m not sure you can pay it back?

Kids, Sports and Bonding
Jan 10th, 2008 by Harvey

I just returned from the UK where I took my older two boys (12 and 14) as a special treat. They’re both talented junior squash players (the sport, not the vegetable) so they qualified to play in the Scottish Junior Open and the British Junior Open (the world’s premiere tournament for junior squash). Here are just a few random thoughts and observations:

Squash is a fantastic sport for kids (and adults too)

Forbes rated a range of sports, including swimming, rowing, bicycling, basketball, etc. based on four fitness factors, as well as on injury risk and calorie burn.

And Squash came out #1. These kids are in great shape!

But more than that – I love the fact that sportsmanlike behavior is actively encouraged in Squash. No swearing or throwing of racquets is allowed – kids are penalized for it. And they’re taught to play honorably – for example, if the ball bounces twice and the ref doesn’t see it, kids are encouraged to call themselves out (you’re only allowed one bounce, but sometimes it’s hard for the ref to see).

Now THAT’s sure different from many sports where kids are taught that breaking any rule is ok – even actively encouraged – as long as the ref doesn’t see it. My sons and nephews (not to mention, ahem, moi) play, and have played many sports so I know I’m not painting with too broad a brush when I say that too many coaches ….. from tough sports like hockey through seemingly genteel ones like water polo …. often teach kids to play dirty – just “don’t get caught”. Not values I want to teach my kids.

If you want to learn more, check out: US Squash, Squash Canada or European Squash as a start. Or let me know and I’ll help you figure out what’s available in your area.

Find an opportunity to travel with one or more kids without your spouse

Virtually all our trips are family trips – all six of us. Those have been great and memorable. But this was great and memorable in a different way – just us guys. A great bonding time and terrific shared experience. It’ll be a memory that lasts a lifetime! And some big bonuses for Leslie…..
  1. she had her special time with our 10 year old, right here at home.
  2. she now has my everlasting appreciation for all the organizing she does for the family on trips and….well….ALL the time. What a relief to have her in charge again!!

Edinburgh’s extremely charming, even in winter

We were there during late December. That means cold and misty. Nevertheless, the kids and I loved it. And Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year’s Eve party, was a blast. Just 120,000 of your closest friends milling about a few blocked off streets enjoying outdoor music, tons of fireworks, several amusement park rides and plenty of crowd-watching. We got lucky, arriving a little bit early and finding ourselves front row standing spots to see the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, a bagpipe band that really rocks!

Here’s an upbeat version of Auld Lang Syne:

Off Topic – Energy from Water
Sep 12th, 2007 by Harvey

Wow. I know there’s a long, uncertain path to bring an invention from lab scale to production scale….but can you imagine the possibilities! Energy from salt water – I thought you might be interested. Check out this news item.

Off Topic – Shadow Puppets
Aug 26th, 2007 by Harvey

This one’s off topic, but what a great shadow puppet show (from Australia). The Louis Armstrong imitation is amazing. And I don’t know about you but I find the Parent/Child sequence is moving!

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