We're disappointed to announce that Active Allowance will be shutting down on October 31, after 10 years of a labor of love.

If you still have time remaining on your paid subscription, please contact us and we will rebate you any amount remaining on a pro rata basis.

And thank you for having joined us!

Leslie and Harvey

Teaching kids dollars and sense

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…"my kids are reading at least twice as long as before"……"acting more responsibly"……"will benefit them the rest of their lives"……"simplest, most effective parenting tool"…

Discover what parents around the world are finding……that with Active Allowance's easy-to-use online tools, they're:

  • Teaching their children values and skills that will help them now and later in life
  • Helping their homes run smoothly

Active Allowance is a revolutionary web service that helps you create a thoughtful and sustainable allowance and responsibilities system for your kids

We provide easy-to-use online tools and an easy-to-maintain process to help you teach your kids, as part of everyday life, about responsibility, values, making choices and appreciating things.

If you have kids aged 6 - 15, try Active Allowance now with no obligation

There are 3 levels of membership: Anonymous, Basic and Full. The 1st two are free. And the 3rd is just $19.95 per year — one of the best investments you'll ever make for your children.

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Active Allowance Addresses the Key Issues of:

  • how much your kid's allowance should be
  • incorporating chores
  • day-to-day management